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Smoked Leg of Lamb

We combine ingredients that leave you wanting more

Pork Shu Mai

Adulting done right

So Good It should be illegal

What's the deal? Well...

Bacon Cartel for meatatarians

We sell our smoked bacon by the nickel, dime, quarter, half and kilo.  We have our traditional rubs along with some full flavored rubs, click below for more...

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Bacon Cartel for vegetarians

We have experimented with different, hearty produce to bring vegetables to a whole other level.  Please click below to see what we have to offer....

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Bacon Cartel Swag

Love Bacon?  Love the Cartel?  Then get some swag!

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More about the Goods

Top-quality pork, directly from the Farm

We get our produce directly from farmers when it is available

Where's the beef?

When we can get some other things besides the magical pig we do 

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Rubbing one out!

We have some rubs that once you try 'em, you will be HOOKED!

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Blog posts

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For your Munchie enjoyment

Parties and celebrations that need a little contraband

Grilling and Chillin with Bacon Cartel

Your turn to bring the goods for that tailgating event = Bacon Cartel