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Aug 25 Written By Bacon Cartel

Everyone, I want to introduce you to an amazing human being. Yes, it is a bromance but that is another conversation! Keith Sarasin is not only an amazing human but a talented chef! He is also extremely passionate about one of my all-time favorite cuisines. No, it’s not pork not bacon, nope. Not even BBQ. He is so passionate about Indian food! Now, there is a reason chefs get upset with yelp reviews. Social media has made everyone a food critic. Then you have this person, Gene. When someone writes about a topic, they should at least have a love for it. You have to be a complete cretin to lump ALL the cuisine of the sub-content of India under curry! In my humble/professional opinion, Indian food has given the rest of the world its love, meaning its flavor. Like Chef Keith says, there are more spices in one side dish in Indian cuisine than most American meals! Shame on you, Washington Post; try having someone that respects cultures and their love of their cuisine! The Post should take someone that hates the Nationals and have them write about how good the team is! Better yet, why don’t you let Gene meet Keith and let him open Gene’s mind to flavors he wishes he could taste forever! Please join me and my brother Keith. Post your favorite indian dish with the hashtag #justonespice Let’s educate the world about this fantastic cuisine!