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Sep 4 Written By Bacon Cartel - What is plant-based? What the heck is the difference between vegetarian and plant-based?

What is plant-based? What the heck is the difference between vegetarian and plant-based? Well, that's debatable. We all know a vegan is someone who doesn't eat any animal products at all. I am NOT going down the rabbit hole of PETA and such. You have vegetarians; this is where things get cloudy. There, in layman terms, those that eat dairy/eggs, fish, no red meat, no pork. It's all made up and based on marketing. Plant-based business is worth $3.3 billion! 1% of the US population identifies as vegan, and another 4% identifies as plant-based or vegetarian. Plant-based is supposedly the cleanest form of vegetarianism. One author defines vegetarians as those that eat processed snacks and such, whereas plant-based eat only whole grains. The bottom line is this plant-based or vegetarianism is a lot healthier for some. It comes down to what do your products have in them? If you need a degree in nuclear science to understand the label, step away! Eat healthily, eat full flavors and good fats in moderation. The more color on your plate, the more appealing to your eye but most of all, your tastebuds! Maybe, paleo and keep are the reason we ow. have a new term - plant-based!

Recently, I posted the pics on another social media platform. A" Vegan" chimed in about how I was promoting vegan when in fact, the product(s) weren't. It seems that the impossible burger isn't vegan. That's right, not vegan. You see, the FDA made the company test the heme on animals to see if it's ok for humans. Now, mind you, the heme comes from beets (plant-based); all the other ingredients are plant-based. I don't mind opinions at all, but I have an issue when you accused me of promoting vegan food when I was promoting plant-based. To focus on how we waste our natural resources/how much produce is thrown away/how we raise our animals,/how much we are dependent upon nitrogen-based fertilizer s. Lastly, why is someone that cares about animal welfare eating a" burger" in the first place! #educateyourself #think