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9/9/21 - I surround myself with negative people that have a positive outlook.

Recently I was being asked why I cook. The person said “I love cooking for those I know. I cannot cook for someone I don’t. It got me thinking; I do not know most of those that I cook for; in fact, I don't care. I got into the craft because of my passion for it. I love the artistry in cooking.

It is a mind fuck. How can we take simple ingredients that mother nature gives us? Mix them in a blender in our minds and mind fuck the guest to figure out what the fuck they just ate. It is like their taste buds have gotten gang-banged.

I have only recently come to terms with what kind of chef I am. What my path was that led me to who I am today. I make no excuses for who I am. Every fuck up that I did, made me who I am today. I am not ashamed of my weaknesses. I am not hiding behind anyone. If you choose not to like my food, that is your mindset. It is my choice to move on and focus on those that want more of what I can give.

I surround myself with negative people that have a positive outlook. They are fighters; they are winners. Think about that. Someone trying to better themselves with whatever negative hand they have been dealt with has to produce much more positivity than someone who has a positive surrounding. We all have choices in life; I intend to showcase my culinary talent. Showcase my culinary upbringing, showcase my flavors from my culinary journey. I have chosen to BELIEVE in myself and be me FINALLY! What is your choice?