Western Diet

Report after report we are hearing that the health in America is becoming a horrible epidemic. Highest levels of type two diabetes in children / heart diseases / cancer etc. our ancestors may not have lived long due to simple cuts and infections but they didn’t have these health problems we have today, why? The “Western Diet” is the main cause. Our need to have things, yesterday is causing our health issues. Our need for foods that are “quick” and “easy” is not helping out children. It also doesn’t help that science finds something out about nutrition big companies glorify the claim. If you don’t know what I am talking about - Trans fats are they good or bad? Fat Free is it really good for you? Saturated fats - again, good or bad? How about the claim on some raw chicken - never any growth hormone - doesn’t that sound awesome. Wow, they are really looking out for us, are they? It’s Federal Law folks - they can’t use growth hormones in chicken and pigs! glorifiedmarketing how do we stop it... seek the truth, demand the truth, be the change! Walk the outskirts of your grocery store and you find real food. If it rots eat it before it does! Stop eating process foods! Oh the pic - plant based at its best - smoked beets with some vegetable friends healthycooking

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