Vegan Burger?

The other day I was having a conversation about plant-based products. It was like, ”have you tried this product?” or ”what do you think about XYZ product?” I asked back, ”have you ever tried the impossible burger?” The answer was thought-provoking. The answer was, ”I didn't like the texture!” but it continued with, ”a woman I work with is a vegan, she said; one, why would I want something that looked and tasted like beef? Two, plant-based foods are like junk food for vegans, too many ingredients!” My last blog, I spoke about a vegan that was having an issue with Impossible burger - I thought why does he care it's for people that are looking to.lower the animal protein intake. I also think you need a degree in food science to know what the heck is in your food! Is it really better for you? I am an advocate for how we raise our food and use our natural resources that is a start to make things better for all of us. We, the chefs, the consumers can send a message to the producers of our food, ”enough is enough!” Below, black truffle laced squash blossoms/ sauteed radish greed stuffing/tempura-battered! hashtagvegetarian hashtagflavors hashtagplantbased hashtaghealthiere hashtagfoods hashtagchefs hashtageat hashtagfood

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