Turkey Bacon vs Pork Bacon

Is there really any way to compare?   Well, you know I am biased, so I will try to be like FOX News or CNN and be as impartial as possible (stop laughing). Here goes nothing! Let’s start down the rabbit hole, shall we? 

We all know that bacon specifically Pork bacon comes from the magical animal, no not a unicorn, a pig. But where on the animal does bacon come from? That one magical place happens to be from the belly. Now, pork belly is not bacon, bacon must go through a wardrobe change. Once the skin is removed, the belly goes through some salting or curing process. Depending on what you are using to cure the belly it could take as long as 5 days to cure. Then it is put through machines, semi frozen and sliced (hence the blog about defects). The belly - now bacon - is packaged, and the rest is history.


Turkey bacon, does not come from pig. Turkey bacon does not even come from the belly of the turkey. So, where in the hell does turkey bacon come from? Well, it comes from the thigh of the animal. It still must go through its own wardrobe change as well but at the end of the day, it is not BACON. Yes, there is a place for it, for those that must watch their salt and fat intake. Cured turkey leg (as I will now and forever call it) is about 90% fat free.


Some say that you can replace the turkey bacon in most recipes for pork bacon, I will keep my mouth shut and not say what I want to…I have read that because the cured turkey bacon has less fat that it is not good for all recipes, to that I say - DUH! Fat, in moderation is a necessary macronutrient for us as humans. The problem is that we humans, specifically the United States do not know how to put the freaking spoon down! But, can you blame those that are addicted to bacon? Now, I am not saying that the bacon industry needs to come out with a lite bacon, please, please put the pipe down and stop smoking yourself to stupid!


So, where do we stand on turkey vs. pork? Quite frankly, we don’t. Turkey is magical one time of year (for some, not me) and that is Thanksgiving. You cannot take a turkey and change it using the same wardrobe as pork and come out with bacon! I don’t think anyone should refer to turkey bacon as bacon; you can call it cured turkey leg and that is about it. Please stop harassing my pork bacon! #BACONTOO

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