Trying to change your life style vs Traveling

Dieting vs traveling - recently, I was traveling and had a layover in Atlanta. I was ready for breakfast 2, yes I am a hobbit. I had two choices for my plant based day; pizza with cheese (not really plant based) or a veggie bowl. I thought, no brainer, bowl. The QSR I chose really needs to rethink their thought process. Yes, rice and beans give us the essential amino acids for muscle growth. My gripe, since when do onions & peppers constitute vegetables? Yes, they come from plants. Yes, they’re veggies. To me they are filler and aromatics. It is insulting to Vegans just as it be to put white rice out and add a tsp of sesame oil and call Chinese food! Some QSR’s get it, they have options. This one needs to catch up! There are so many great products out there that give travelers like me options. #plantbased #vegetables#dieting #chef #food

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