The Pink Elephant

“Somethings will never change!” Haven’t we heard that, at least once in our lives? Why, why do we just settle? What drives some to push the limit, to break down barriers. Why do some of us just give up? Why don’t we help one another? It seems only around the holidays do we really want to help or to give back. Why can’t we think that way 364 other days of the year. Some of us do, but most think “not my problem, not my burden!” Some have such burdens and feel so alone and secluded they give up. Sometimes we, as a society, dedicate someone’s fate. We shun, make fun of, don’t pay attention, turn a blind eye or “just to busy”! Those are a excuses and just wrong. I write this thinking about Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain and now another family member. Suicide is an illness that needs to be talked about! We need to stop this epidemic, because that is what it is! I have lost to many or almost way more! Hug your loved ones and remember that some friends are more of a family than your own blood. This holiday season, ask deep probing questions. Take time to care about one another. Maybe, just maybe you could stop someone from leaving this earth! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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