Plant-based Hype

There is a tremendous amount of news coming out about plant-based diets lately. A lot of people believe that going ”vegan” is a sign of weakness. History told us that we get our best source of protein from animals. We have to eat an egg to get the most absorbable form of amino acids to build muscle. The real question is, who's history? Just a couple thousand years ago we hunted for our food, if we missed the game or “catch” guess what we ate, that’s right plant-based! Think about this, if animals are where we get our best form of protein than where do they get their muscle from? Oh, wait, plants! Now, I’m not saying plant-based is the cure-all for everything. What I am saying we, the consumers need to demand better farming practices. If, all we do is rob Mother Earth of her bounty what will we have left! I am a hunter and fisherman I hunt for my needs and give back we all need to do a better job! #schoolforthought #balance #farming #nofoodwaste smoked pastrami cauliflower/smoked pureed eltoe/smoked collards/roasted vegetables/black pearl barley #plantbasedbbq

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