Perfect Food Please? What is PERFECT!

Why is it that our fruits and vegetables have to be “perfect” looking? Why do we as consumers need to have the perfect looking eggplant or zucchini? Most of the time we cut them up and cook them, so what is the difference? How much food do the farmers throw away because we want the “perfect” fruit or vegetable? Better yet, how much of our natural resources go into growing those things just to be thrown away? I have heard that about 40% of the food is thrown out! That my readers is where we need to put a stop to this senseless act! Demand B grade or “ugly” fruits and vegetables and use them to their fullest potential! After all they taste the same if not better than the other stuff! As chefs we need to demand our vendors for it, we are the leaders and can make the change! stopfoodwaste

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