Organic vs. your finances

Does anyone know a great plumber, there’s a huge leak in my bank account! Why is it that healthy food is SO much more? Is it really the case it cost more to produce those products without those chemicals and such? Food for thought, if we are not using all of those chemicals and pesticides how come the food is so much more? Before TV diners and both parents went into the work force we didn’t seem to have these issues. Mom went to the store got what was in season and made dinner. She went and got other items to jar or can to keep during that time period those items weren’t available. Similar to when the chef’s special ran out for that night! (A honest to goodness special) part of the issue is you, yes YOU! Since when did everything have to become pre-made? My mother worked five days a week long hours along with my father but we had home cooked meals five nights a week, what’s your excuse. The over processed food lowers the nutrients and the chemicals trick our brain to thinking it’s good. Look around you, how many people do you know that have had strokes or other health (diet related) issues? Remember to have your salad #cooking #plantbased #foodwaste #chef #sustainability #education

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