Meatatarian vs Flexatarian vs isn't that a carnivore

There is a term floating around that I am trying to wrap my head around. It’s the F word folks! This word causes some to ask why and what does it mean. Flexatarian is this F word - it means one who eats their vegetables along with still eating meat. Here’s the thing, I am a meatatrian! I will always be one! I choose to have at least one meal that is all plant based. I do this not for any other reason then to be healthier, lower my impact on our natural resources & I like it! One argument from Vegans is that “it has a face” and our answer is “we are eating the problem not the solution!” At least that’s how I thought. But, research shows that one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases is caused by cattle. But you just said you’re eating the problem! Yes, yes I did, but if we got smarter and raised better feed, used modern farming practices, had better animal care then how would that impact our natural resources. One cow needs 2 acres of land - think about the water for the food, the nitrogen based fertilizers, the vet bills and so on! We have a saying in the kitchen “work smarter not harder!” It’s time to bring that to our farming! Below - experimenting with plant based burger and a vegan brioche! sustainability agriculture plantbased chef acf environment

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