Let's keep talking about the pink elephant

June 8th 2018, a part of me died. Chef Bourdain took his life to end his demons and now we are left with a void. The best story teller of our time, ever! It’s time for us to tell his story, to tell our story, so that we can just stop one person from thinking they have nothing else’s to do but take their own life. As the President of the Palm Beacb Chefs association along with the help of Chef Joseph Watters CEC, and my chapter members we are starting to do just that! July 1st, we are having the Family Meal. We are going to have a serious talk about the pink elephant in the room. It’s time to shed light on the darkness and bring awareness. I implore my fellow chefs to do the same. Have your family meal the same day and bring awareness. #chef #mentalhealth #family #living #health RIP Chef Bourdain  It was an amazing event and people are still talking about it.  Next year it will bigger and better!

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