Let's get it straight peeps!

Researching, collaborating and speaking to others I have learned something.  Most of you don’t care about food waste or sustainability. I posted an article on my FB page about new technologies that are being developed to “scrub” the carbon out of our atmosphere. I thought, wow that’s awesome. But within the article there were some that thought that it hurt their "cause" to stop pollutants, what!?!? We need to do both people. A friend of mine then started having a debate about how, they (scientist) new what the atmosphere was like before the industrial age! Let me get it straight, you were more worried about that then the toxins we put into our atmosphere? Get your priorities straight! I am NOT in any way shape or form an Ecowarrior! I am a chef, father, brother, son; I want my daughter to see a better world then we started with. We as chefs have the power to change how we shop for food, eat our food, package our food! So, let’s use that power and demand better practices! waste sustainability industrialization hashtagvegetables farms below - food waste into art! Cauliflower pizza crust yumminess! Wipe your drool acfchefs

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