Is Plant-based healthier?

We all want to be healthy. No one ever says, ”screw it I love the hospital!” The problem is we are getting flooded with what is healthy for us. I am going to age myself, but do you remember all those fat-free items that flooded the market? How about saturated fats are bad, eat stuff with hydrogenated oil. Now, we have to look for TFF oils! We had one pyramid and now it’s changed but is it really good for us? It seems whoever has the most money for marketing tells us what is good for us. Do you realize how.much sugar we, Americans, go through a year? Go ahead and google it! 57 pounds per year!!! So, you go plant-based and eat ”burgers” have you read the label? Did you know one such company employs 120 food scientists? Let's have that digest. The fade or movement or lifestyle change is to demand better raw ingredients. Better farming practices. In the 1940s milk was the best source of protein, ever! So, we thought! Educate yourself, keep to the outside aisles when you go food shopping. Probably, your best bet for decent food. Below - vegan tostados Mole infused black bean puree/smoked corn elote/smoked cauliflower/roasted chanterelle mushrooms/roasted brussel sprouts/roasted potatoes/salsa/dehydrated flowers, cilantro, beet sprouts/ fire flashed tortillas hashtagchef

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