Is Plant-based a fade?

If you don’t think plant-based is trending, here’s your wake up call! Plant-based is up almost 250% in one year! How would you like your profits to be up that high or your stock portfolio? What I love about the plant-based movement is playing with textures/colors/flavors. Plant-based makes a chef think outside the normal realm. It pushes us to think on a whole other level. These new products help us obtain that goal. Five years ago, if a vegan dish was ordered you through the vege of the day of the plate and sent it out. That was our standard vegan meal. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. We are all better than that! Break from the norm, break from the shackles of the confines of your standard. Be the change for your flavors and how you want to be known for YOUR food! Kidney bean purée/chimichurri/guacamole/vegan meat crumbles/blistered tomatoes/cotija cheese/caramelized onions hashtagfood hashtagplantbased hashtagflavors hashtagchefs hashtagvegetarian hashtagfoods hashtageat hashtaghealthyeating

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