Food Waste - do you see a pattern yet?

I always wonder what will be the next thing in food. As chefs, we must stay current with our food and our menus. The only constant thing is change itself. If we don’t change or tweak our menus we will become the VCR. This year the trends are CBD foods and food waste...Wait, this is a fade, a trend? Our number one loss in our kitchens is what we throw out. It doesn’t stop there, where does it say we have to have perfect fruit and vegetables. We chefs have a lot more power than most think. With the age of Foodnetwork and Bravo Tv our guests are becoming more knowledgeable about food. This is a double edged sword, but that is another topic for the future. Chefs can demand products that the industry tries to meet the demand. We need to demand better practices, less chemicals, a link back to the farmer and TOTAL use of a product. There are some chefs that get it, they perform miracles with food that would have been thrown out. The “trend” in food waste should have and always should be priority number one. If you don’t know where or how to start looking at your waste, simple - use a clear lexan or 5 gallon clear container as your trash. Watch how your cooks become more sensitive to what they waste. food lead chef cooking waste foodwaste

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