Don't follow a trend be the trend starter!

We owe it to our guests to push the bounds of our food. Chefs have an obligation to know what flavors mesh with others. We also need to figure out how to add flavor without adding fat. There is no new food out there (unless science invents it) so, we, as chefs need to make sure we taste our food. Experiment, test, review and critique what you have done. We have to engage our staff so they have a “buy in” to the process and what your final vision is. Where is this coming from, over thirty years of cooking, failing, getting back up, starting over, never settling, demanding to reach as high as perfection as possible and many more. Most of all, changing my life style and eating differently. The other, always questioning how I can make it better! Oh the pictures - ready, hold on; matcha green tea jerked pork loin peachsmoked! The plate is the pork loin with a purple and green roasted Brussel sprout hash! Go ahead, wipe the drool! cooking invention demand flavors critique-food howto inspire lead chef

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