Dieting vs THE WORLD

How do we balance work life, family life and for some of us, the diet battle? As someone who struggles with my weight, I just realized that’s not the truth. I battle my excuses! I am traveling let me stop for a quick bite! I will start tomorrow! It’s cheaper to buy crappy food! I am just waiting for fluffy to come back in trend! The answer(s) are right in front of me, as a chef everything is 99% preparation 1% perspiration. I just need to prep! But, I have to prep smartly, to much food and I will throw it away. If I keep things the same flavor profile, I will get sick of the food. I will probably will end up throwing the food out. How does one find balance in food? Our world is so much smaller now. What am I going to do, go global! Spice blends like Harissa heat things up for some Smokey flavors. What about the trend of coconut, and head to some green Thai curry pastes or red Thai? The most important thing is not to have waste. Use everything that “mother nature” gives us. Just realized something, how many of you know who she is? How many of you have seen where the “raw” product(s) come from? We need to respect our resources, our population is growing but our land area is not! stopfoodwaste

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