COW FARTS!!!! Really...

Funny, I saw this meme the other day and it got me thinking. Let’s take this ridiculous notion that cows gas in one the leading contributing factors to green house gas out of the equation, for a sec! If you have 80 cows it would take one acre of land to feed the cows per day! In 2018 there were 94.4 million head of cattle in the US alone. Now, mind you more than half happen to be dairy the rest, well can you say T-bone! The real issue is land resources and the strain on our natural resources as well. Does this make me want to stop eating meat. Ah NO! I want better treatment for the animals / I want feed that makes sense for a healthy end product / better farming practices / educate the farmers on best safest most profitable way without cutting corners! Work smarter not harder! meat farms educationplantbased chef

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