Chefs caring for Chefs

As we all count down the holidays and the New Year, remember, all it takes is, how are you doing! My wish is to save just one life, one life that sees no hope, one life that needs to hear they are needed! Two of the four pictures below were those that completed suicide in the last two years. The other two almost completed it. The mind, our minds have this remarkable ability. Sometimes things don't ”fire” right! Mental illness is like cancer, heart disease, obesity and yet we can’t speak of “mental” illness. You are not crazy. You are not alone {{trust me I know}}! If we can medically have our eyes removed and have brand new eyes put in and see life in a different way, would that help? For it’s not our eyes but our interpretation of how we perceive positive and negative. Please reach out to friends and family and ask, ”how are you, how are you handling things” To my cousin Steven, RIP! To Chef Bourdain - man why does it still hurt! hashtagSuicide hashtagmentalillness hashtaglove hashtaghope hashtaganxiety hashtagfamily hashtagsupport hashtagsavealife hashtagholidays

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