Bacon Harassment

Does your bacon have feelings? Do you find yourself thinking about bacon? Do you think that bacon thinks about you?

What is it about bacon that moves so many? I mean, in my research the only people that do not like Bacon is either religions reasons or they are PETA - not my type of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). Bacon has a wonderful Umami presence in food. If you don’t know what Umami means - please stop reading and get your head checked. Umami and 

bacon go hand and hand like Captain & Tennille (showing my age I guess). For you millennials, it's like bacon deserves an appreciation award!  

National Bacon Day 12/30

Why is it that we have to have a National Day of Bacon, shouldn’t any day ending in y should be bacon day. If we have a day, one day that needs to be BACON DAY then shouldn’t the BIG Bacon producers put out a bacon for that day? Is the issue that bacon gets harassed and feels bad that we need to have a National Day for it? Is it that the BIG producers put out such an inferior product that we need to give it a participation award? In previous blogs I have pointed out that there is this awakening that you, the consumer, has to have in order for bacon harassment to stop. I have talked about defects, sodium nitrate & different meat to fat ratios. I am not talking about starting a #BACONTOO movement, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing. We consumers have the ability to change what the BIG producers make and what we buy. WE have the power to change what is made for us. A commodity belly is just that, well its more like shit! There is an old saying in the restaurant biz, you can’t make chicken salad from chicken shit! The same sentiment applies to bacon.

I think another problem is that there is no butchering going on and that, my friends, is the biggest issue. What about the other styles of bacon - prosciutto, pancetta, Speck, Szalonna & Guanciale? There are a host of other avenues that we need to explore. But I will say it is time to perfect the Cartel Bacon. We are on a mission to make the most incredible mouthwatering bacon that anyone has ever tried. The real issue is that taste is an interpretation. So, how does one make bacon that the masses will want? That is the heart of the mission at hand. What about taking a neutral smoked pork belly and adding some rubs to it for your own personal tastes. That is a way we can make sure that the masses love our bacon. We will not stop, we will not let people harass us until we perfect what needs to be perfected. So, lets start a #BACONTOO movement to have great bacon and a great National Bacon Day.

How many of you will come out and tell the BIG producers how they have harassed you with the inferior bacon until now; now that you have the new movement and the Bacon Cartel?

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